Under construction

Tony’s Maersk Container Ship almost finished and sailing well at Bournville

Steve’s very large model of a Type 45 Destroyer HMS Duncan, mechanically working well but not yet finished on the Model Boating Pool in Bournville

Doug’s Thornycroft MTB in 1/24 scale
North River of Clermont

David E’s model of 1807  “North River of Clermont” the worlds first successful steam passenger boat, sailed between New York and Albany in New York state on the Hudson  River

David E’s Rendel “Flatiron” Gunboat of the 1870’s, almost finished

Ted’d new anti-submarine patrol craft, almost completed but awaiting a good trial run on the Canal when we are allowed back, said he had “gone grey”, I think he means the paint job not the worry of the present situation.

David E’ USS “Cairo” mainly wood construction

Awaiting final detailing ready for Warwick Model Boat Show

 Ted’s Coastal Tanker from a Matchbox Corvette kit – mainly plasticard and balsa wood



David F's German Fishing BoatDavid F’s German Fishing Boat, almost finished

awaiting deck fittings to complete

Sam's Type 82 Destroyer

Bob’s Type 82 Destroyer, the last warship that served in the Falklands still in service



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