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Warwick Show 2018 Trevor with latest LifeboatTrevor’s Severn Class Lifeboat

Rpss's US Customs launch

Ross’s US Custom launch

Ted's Police Launch April 2017

Ted’s Thames Police Launch Brushless Motor and all wood Construction

Simon's 1940's Coastguard Picket Boat

Simon’s US Coastguard Picket Boat in 1940’s Colours.

Image69Pete P’s new pilot boat just finished, pictured on its first sailing. It is the MMI kit for £50 plus electrics.  It has a 830KVA brushless motor, on 7.2 volt battery and 40x prop. Very Nice Pete!

Laurence's Lifeboat

Laurence’s Tyne Class lifeboat

Ross's Police Boat

Ross’s scratch built Police Boat


These photos show Arthur Edgecombe’s revitalized Riva launch. As originally built, it was powered by two MFA 800 Torpedo motors with a 12v sealed lead acid battery driving two brass 50mm 3-blade props, but Arthur found that the power/weight ratio would not produce scale speed and bring the boat up to plane. Disappointing!

Arthur thought it worth a try so took out the two heavy MFA motors and replaced them with Keda 2837/18, 830kv outrunner motors from Giant Cod These are comparatively low revving, high torque units. The pack is 9.6v NiMh and the props 45mm type X 2-blade plastic. The new motors are sized 28mm dia x 37mm length and weigh just 78g, and with the very heavy SLA gone the weight saving was around 7 lbs!

 She went very well indeed and Arthur is delighted with the improvement. The Riva now sits on her waterline, and offers as much speed as you want, with long run times and no overheated components.

Martins new Riva speedboat

Martin’s new Chris Craft

Teds Pilot Boat

Original HFM Pilot Boat. Resurrected by Ted. Standard motor and a bobs board
replaced with brushless motor and compatible speed controller. Now with trim
tabs fitted, completely repainted, looks very fine on the water.

Danny's cruiser

Danny’s Cruiser

Ted's Launch

Ted’s high speed launch from a kit supplied by the  Vintage Model Boat Kits.

2016 Rob's Saint Princess (1)

Rob’s “Princess”

 Keith’s Riva Aquarama


Ross’s 1/32 scale Trent Lifeboat

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