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Mike L’s USS Iowa

Mike specialises in ‘marinising Trumpeter kits with up to 4 motors per ship the details of which are ofter minute also see his HMS Nelson under “News”

Charlie’s Alpha River Patrol Boat powered by Water Jets

Bob’s Schwimmwagen, interior shots see “Amphibian” section for other photo

Ted’s new Patrol Boat on its first run, delayed due to Lockdown as the Crew were being shielded!

RAF Launches on patrol

Nick’s Bismarck

Lawrence’s HMS Belfast

Keith’s ‘Loyal Class’ fleet tender ‘Loyal Volunteer”Ross’s Japanese MTB

Keith's Perkasa

Keith’s Perkasa

Danny's restored RAF launch

Danny’s restored and re-powered RAF RTT launch

Phil’s MGB 77 from a Dean’s kit

Danny's German 1920's Coastal Patrol Boat

Danny’s 1920s German Coastal Patrol Torpedo Boat

Ross's RAF RTTL Launch

Ross’s RAF RTTL Launch fitted with Brushed Motor.

Bryan's MGB 64 April 2017.JPG

Bryan’s MGB 64 built by British Powerboat Co. in 1941, as usual has Brushless Motors and Lipo batteries, fibreglass hull and mainly Plasticard upper works with some wood.

Martin’s RAF Tender

Keith's 46 in Perkasa

Keith’s 46in Perkasa

Ross's patrol boat Oct 2014

Ross’s Patrol Boat ex Ruritanian Navy

 Ian’s 7 foot RN Destroyer at Mallard’s Pike

Ian's 7ft Royan Navy Destroyer

Mike B’s 1/34 scale s100 Schnellboot (Brushless)

Mike B's S100 Schnellboot

Bryan's PCF Swift 50

Bryan’s American PCF Swift 50

Brian E's MTB

One of Brian E’s MTB’s


Pictured above is Bryan E’s  beautiful 1/24th scale model of a 1941 70ft Vosper M.T.B. Built on a Kingston Moldings hull with some fittings from HSL Moldings. Power is by 2x1480kv brushless outrunner motors driving 35mm 3 bladed brass props.


This is Bryan E’s 1/24th model of MTB 49 built by Thornycroft  in 1941. The model is built on a HSL Mouldings hull and includes some of their fittings. The twin  rudders are mounted on the transom as per the full size boat. Power is supplied by 2x Eco speed 600 motors on 7.2v driving s x 30mm brass props.


Another beautiful model from Ted T’s shipyard. This time a Revell Flower class  Corvette that has been nicely RCised.


Norwegian Gun Boat

Owner Steve R.

Image7This is Bryan E’s British Power Boat M.T.B No 488 built in Hythe 1943. Model is 1/24th scale based on a Deans Marine Kit with twin motors on 7.2v. Pictures don’t do this model justice its absolutely fantastic with lots of detail and a real mover to boot when out on patrol.

Image8This is Armando’s latest model of “Samwise”, a Liberty ship.  It is based on a plan by Glynn Guest, the model was scratch-built to 1/144 scale. It took 15yrs to build (very much ‘off-and-on’), and, despite the plan being ‘stand-off scale’, it includes quite a bit of detailing. The hull is balsa-sheet, on ply frames, and it is coated in laminating resin. The deck is ply and the superstructure is of plasticard. The majority of fittings are constructed from plasticard and other bits and pieces. Everything is scratch-built with the exception of the six cowl vents. It has a single 550-type motor with home-made rudder. The 4-bladed brass prop was procured from the Prop Shop. It is painted in acrylics with weathering applied as enamels and pastels, everything being sealed with a couple of coats of satin varnish. The flags are from BECC. Displacement is 7lb, length 950cm.


Image13Pictured is Bryan E’s 1/24th scale model of a British Power Boat Co. series “1” 63 ft. Air Sea Rescue Launch built circa 1939. It is a modified Deans Marine kit, powered by a water cooled Deans Kestrel motor on 7.2v. A very fast and impressive model.

Model warship group 2

Model warships cruising around at Over Canal Basin on a pleasant Sunday afternoon

Phil's Lion 4

Phil's Lion


Phil’s model of HMS Lion. this model had its maiden voyage on March 13th, it is 66in long, has 4 working propellors, and is very impressive, Phil had to research the design as no plans exist, so worked from old photographs. The real ship  weighed 29,700 tons and had a speed of 28 knots, she was 700 feet long and burned 95o tons of coal a day. Main armament was 8 x 13.5in guns plus 16.x 4in guns and torpedo tubes, damaged at Jutland and finally scrapped in 1924. Phil’s Grandfather served on her which is why he decided to model her.

Peter B's RAF Tender

Peter B’s RAF Crash and Fire Tender, built of wood and fitted with a brushless motor

she looks superb on the water with a nice paint job.

Corvette & armed trawler

 On patrol – Ian’s armed Trawler and Ted’s Corvette

Bryan,s ML launch late July Bryan’s 54in Naval Motor Launch having completed sea trials and now ready for action

Bryan E's MGB

Bryan E’s British Power Boats MGB at speed

powered by brushless motors

Brian and Ians GunboatsBryan and Ian’s Gunboats at Over

Picket boat maiden voyageDavis E’s Picket Boat No 1, American Civil War period 1864 Spar Torpedo Boat, steam operated gas powered 36 in long. Original sank the ironclad CSS Albermarle in a daring attack under the captain Lt William Cushing, many of his crew were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Bryan's Fairmile C cropped

Bryan’s Fairmile “C” at speed


Gordon’s Japanese PT Boat

keith's Perkasa May 2016

Keith’s Perkasa at speed

Bryan's Failmile b:W

Bryan’s Fairmile in black & white as in the 1940’s

Martin’s RAF Tender

Martin’s USS Barnes

Martin’s HMS Warspite

Martin’s HMS Repulse

Ross’s Thorneycroft patrol boat Kawtab of the U.A.E. navy


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Copyright © 2010 [Gloucester & District Model Boat Club].  All rights reserved / Terms and Conditions
Revised: 11/26/13




Nick’s German Minesweeper

Doug G’s Perkassa at Saul