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Spring 2019 Come and have a go!

At Warwick we purchased two small tug kits which club members are going to build for use by the general public. These will be available at Over, and when we go to other places, so that children (and grown ups) from 5 to 85 (if accompanied by a responsible adult!)can try their hand at radio controlled model boats and maybe be persuaded to join us and enjoy the fun we have with all sorts of models. these models have to be built and we hope to start in the spring, watch this space or come down and visit us at Over next year.

Warwick Show 2018

The Club displayed  30 members boats at this year’s show, the most ever and Ted managed to squeeze them all onto the stand, our display was well received by the visitors and the “compere” of the pool was especially pleased when Phil put his steam dinghy on the water as he thought it was the first time they had had live steam on the pool. Dens again confounded visitors when we explained he drilled .4mm holes in .6mm stanchions, not once but dozens of times in his wonderfully detailed models! Don’t worry we don’t know how he does it either, The WW2 grey fleet was shown in abundance and we were complimented on our display of steam models. There are other show pictures on this website.

We will be back next year, it is going to reduce to a two day show we hope it keeps going especially as there is serious doubt over the Bristol Show which we did consider supporting.

Over Canal Basin

In September 2018 we put on a good display at the Speech House Steam Rally they not only gave us a space but built a temporary pond so that we could sail our smaller boats this created a lot of attention from the large crowd that support this event in the Forest of Dean Phil’s steam boats in particular created a lot of interest especially when he fired one of his engines up on the stand.

On the May Bank Holiday 2018 we held one of our fun days for members and their families, we held Micromagic racing to Ted’s rules for the sailors and steering competitions for the motorboats under Bryan’s rules, good fun was had by all, lunchtime was an american picnic (you bring and share) with Derek providing the Barbecue, good fun was had by all, and even the weather co-operated!

            2017  Warwick International Model Boat Show

   Once again we exhibited at the Warwick Model Boat Show, where we put on a a very good display of members boats, most finished and some under construction, there was a lot of interest shown in our exhibits and we also floated some models on the pond that the organisers provide, Bob’s new amphicar was of great interest as were the large speedy boat models and Denes showed how it was possible to drill a 0.4mm hole in a0.8mm brass rod to impressed onlookers! Sadly there were a few less stands and some regular traders were missing so we hope that the show will go on.

2017 Canal Open Day at Over

We put on a very good display at the Over Open Day supporting the Canal Society and ensured that there was something to look at for the spectators with model motor boats, steam boats and displays by the Micro Magic sailors and the One Metre Class especially Kevin with his One Metre, it is a bit narrow for these large fast sailors, who normally sail on a private lake that our club have access to, but they demonstrated the dexterity required to sail these racing models.


This was the “Harbour” used during our recent boat “Driving Tests” where we attempt to manoeuvre around a fiendish course devised by Brian and friends, when we had finished the sailors had an elimination race where the last yacht drops out until there is a final winner. We try various skills competitions during the year apart from the serious sailing series to create interest for members of the club and at the interval we all ate “Beans on Toast”


 We put on a good show at the Speech House Steam Rally and even had boats circulating on the 12 foot by 10 ft pool they built for us (tastefully decorated with logs!).

Queens Award presentation 2

Club Officers and members attended the ceremony when  The Hereford and Gloucester Canal Trust were presented with The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for the splendid work they are continuing to carry out in restoring the Canal, which is one of our main sailing venues. Our main contribution to this is to maintain the water quality in the Canal Basin by algae control and the hard graft of weeding the basin which would quickly become unusable without this work.

Mallards Pike summer 2015

Mallards Pike Picnic 2016 once again we had a good turnout of members and families for this event and better weather this year!

Warwick Show 1 Warwick Show 2

Warwick International Boat Show

We put on a good display at the Warwick Show, in a good position after Ted managed to get us moved! The Venue has been increased in size and now also has a larger pool to sail the boats, Bob’s Bond Lotus created a lot of interest, with luck it should be a finished exhibit by next years show.

May Fun Day 2014

May Fun Day 2014


 Presentation of new Picnic Tables to the Canal Society

The Gloucester & District Model Boat Club has enjoyed another years sailing at Over Basin. Club membership is now at a record level with 115 members.

Attendance has been at record levels with well over the twenties on Wednesdays, up to five members from Hereford.  Many of this year’s new members who are retired are keen to go boating, Also this year we have had a number of members join who are wheelchair bound,

joining Rob who has built and sailed for years. Some of our new members have never built a model boat. Members have been kept busy guiding them. Very often the following week they have turned up for the next stage. One member Dave who is in this category set sail in October. The joy on his face was worth all the effort and has given enthusiasm to others. Unfortunately our treasurer Bob, an experienced modeller who specialises in one off amphibious vehicles may well soon join the above. Bob is determined to be back at Over.

Our annual Beans on Toast Sunday saw two dozen members enjoy another fine day; unfortunately through lack of wind the sailors stood around all day looking rather forlorn.

The motor boat boys lent their models to the sailors to cheer them up or rib them. The competitions were well patronised.

The photo shows a ready laid table for the first sitting, sauce and cheese at the ready

.Our fortnightly Micro Magic yacht competition sometimes sees fourteen yachts taking part. The rules are simple, first over the line wins. The ladies show no mercy for the men.

A photo shows how a good wind makes exciting sailing.

Dave our new webmaster has just completed this stern paddler making its debut adventure.

Ross’s Clyde Puffer sedately sails the canal. The model is about three feet long and powered by an electric motor. A skipper on the bridge, crew on the deck preparing to off load a cargo of stone.

As I write this article it has been raining for nearly two weeks. All boats are tied up and wives becoming frustrated with men under their feet.

Ted Tedaldi.


Over Festival 2015

Our display at the Over Canal Festival 2015 where we put on a good display of boats and kept the public entertained, nice day Saturday but Sunday spoiled by rain