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This page is intended for use by G&DMBC members to advertise models or model related items for sale or wanted. Please send with for sale items the following information to David:

  • Brief description.
  • Asking price.
  • Contact telephone number or Email address.

Adverts will be removed after approximately 3 months, Please ask for an extension if not sold after this time. The G&DMBC committee reserve the right to refuse unsuitable adverts.


Boat Bumpers and Fenders by Barbara

Custom made Boat bumpers and Fenders.

For more information contact Pete Pogmore on blossomae @

Falconer Yacht

50 in Sunrise yacht for sale with sails, transmitter technical paperwork and magazine articles
Please  ring 01452 790577 if you are interested, price a nominal amount
Judy and Anthony Falconer

K_a_i_s_e_r_l_i_c_h_ _u_n_d_ _K_ön_i_g_l_i_c_h_ _(_K_u_K_)_ _T_B_ _X_I_ _

Recently built scale model boat (1:50).

It is a fine art work. Length: 884mm Beam: 95mm One 3 blade propeller.

The real boat was built in 1890 in Ganz-Danubius Fiume (Rijeka Croatia), for the Austrian –Hungarian Navy.

These are one of the first torpedo boats, which colour was black or dark grey (according to that time strategy these boats used night time).

Main armament: 2 45cm torpedo tubes, 2 4.7cm/L44 Skoda rapid firer.

The crew of this boat was Czech. Crew: 20 people Speed:27.5 knots

If you interested in please contact me at

Price: To be agreed



Model yacht ‘Windstar’ of 1mtr in length in good condition for sale. Has not been used for over a year but kept indoors.

In first instance contact Ted at Over or Gloucester 01452 610403