Sun  05  May          Newent (10am) and Over                        Racing/Sailing/Boating (Rodney)

Fri     10 May    Sailing & Boating at Over & Saul Junction        MM Racing 1.45pm (Budge)

Sun   19 May          Newent (10am) and Over                          Racing/Sailing/Boating (John T)

Fri     24 May    Sailing & Boating at Over & Saul Junction        MM Racing 1.45pm (John T)

Sat/Sun/Mon  25/26/27 May  Tall Ships Festival at Gloucester Docks – We will be exhibiting on two floors within the Waterways Museum – Come along and visit us

Contact Ted 01452 610403

Sat 1 June   Club Picnic at Mallards Pike 10 – 4pm      Contact Derek Young 01452 728230

Sun   9 June          Newent (10am) and Over                          Racing/Sailing/Boating (Ted)

Thur 13 June               Committee Meeting                                                7.30pm HCC

Fri     14 June    Sailing & Boating at Over & Saul Junction      MM Racing 1.45pm (Michael)

Fri     21 June    Sailing & Boating at Over & Saul Junction        MM Racing 1.45pm (Roger)

Sun   23 June         Newent (10am) and Over                        Racing/Sailing/Boating (Gordon)

Sun 23 June        Bourneville Navy Day 10-4pm              Contact Bryan Evans 01452 533948

Fri 28 June          Set up for Club’s 30 year Celebration Day 10.00am

Sun 30 June                  Club’s 30 year Celebration 10am-4pm

                                            Contact Derek Young 01452 728230

Fri    12 July     Sailing & Boating at Over & Saul Junction        MM Racing 1.45pm (Cliff)

Sun   14 July         Newent (10am) and Over                        Racing/Sailing/Boating (Rodney)

Fri     26 July    Sailing & Boating at Over & Saul Junction        MM Racing 1.45pm (Bryan)

Sun   28 July         Newent (10am) and Over                        Racing/Sailing/Boating (John)

Regular Club Sailing / Boating

Every Friday – Saul Junction from 1.30pm or Over from mid day until dusk

Every Saturday afternoon at Gloucester Docks….from 1pm

Every Sunday – Over is available

Over is always available but maintenance on a Wednesday must take preference.

Parking on the slipway area at Over is for Blue Badge holders only. Only exception is for quick loading / unloading.

Micro Magic sailing at Over does not stop you sailing your motor boats. Plenty of room for all and a cup of tea as well.

MM racing finishes at 3.15 unless wind, rain, leaves, weeds dictate. Only 7 races are required. Over is available on the remaining half mile of water.

Any changes to these days are noted in the calendar above

If you become locked in at Over a key is available from Dave at the Wharf House

Please remember the following points of sailing etiquette and safety.

Always bring and use your frequency peg and aerial protector when sailing.

Take your frequency peg off the frequency board when you switch the TX off, and take it home again!

Limit your time on the water to a half hour session, then check if others would like to use that frequency.

The above points do not apply to 2.4 GHz transmitters.

Weil’s disease – after boating, be safe, clean your hands with an antibacterial wash. Carry some with you.

Retrieving models from far side bank following breakdown.

You MUST always be accompanied by another person and be fully aware of the hazards

Please use the Club Pole to manoeuvre the model to a safe location

Please note this land is private and do NOT damage trees and plant growth

All fast electrics when in fast mode must keep to the slipway side of the Portakabin and should not be in fast mode if the Swans are in the vicinity”.  

. However should there be no slow boats sailing then the fast boats can use the whole of the canal as can the slower ones  should there be no fast boats being used. However please respect the Swans and do NOT stress them. They live on the Canal you are merely a visitor.

COMMON SENSE must prevail to prevent further collisions or swamping.

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  1. Cara Collins says:

    Have you a phone number I have a couple of very nice boats I wish to sell at very reasonable prices ,,a 50″patrol boat working lights 3turbo motors ,futuba radio ,a 50″ old 1950/60with original motor and intercepted 18″ cruiser ,,I also have a spitfire petrol airplane with all accessories ,everything you need if knowing of anyone ,,Thanks for reading

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